Preferred Collection and Management Services D/B/A The Preferred Group of Tampa, is a family-founded, local-owned, faith-based, and values-driven organization passionate about helping further the mission and vision of local healthcare providers by providing much-needed revenue recovery on extended receivables for the Patient Financial Services departments or hospitals, physicians, and physician groups of all sizes. Having been in the accounts receivables management industry for over 35 years, our customer-centric approach to revenue recovery is different from traditional collection agency models because healthcare is not the same as other consumer debt like credit cards debt. Many times, patients are receiving care not by choice but out of necessity and unexpectedly.


As part of the “patient experience”, financial responsibility can often be confusing, frustrating, and a source of both frustration and complaints, if not handled with a white-gloved approach. This approach not only avoids complaints and frustration but it enhances your brand and the patient experience by open communication, building trust and rapport, problem-solving, and finding solutions to revenue recovery in a time and manner convenient to your patient.

Feel free to call us today.    Florida (813) 251-0802  or  Toll-Free (800) 741-0802


"Making a difference by doing the right thing"​

We ensure that our employees know they can make a difference in our world by simply doing the right thing, AT ALL TIMES. Being honorable and honest with excellence in our performance sets us apart from the ordinary. This means doing the right thing for our clients, our vendors, our partners, each other, and for every debtor and third party payer that we come in contact with. 

Our Company Vision Statement is simply this:


​If we purpose to compete each and every day, to not let anything stop us, to find a way, to figure it out, all while doing it the right way… we will be successful and significant. When we purpose to relentlessly compete with honor, honesty and excellence, we win, our clients win and our community wins.


  At Preferred, our Core Values are based on scripture.  


Philippians 4:13 (New King James Version (NKJV)) tells  us:

 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

​    C- Continuous Improvement

         H- Honesty

               R- Respect

                     I- Integrity

                         S- Stewardship

                              T- Teamwork



 What makes Preferred  different?

​Many agencies, when competing for your business, will overpromise and underdeliver. Preferred has been in business for more than 35 years with some of the same clients since inception. When we partner with you, we are not merely acting as a vendor collecting on your receivables,  we provide invaluable feedback to your teams on trends we are seeing like bad data and missing data that could be affecting your front end processes and all receivables.


We also convey industry trends, recent legislation and court cases that can keep you out of court. When you have government agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) trying to create law by imposing over burdensome fines and rulings while also positioning themselves in a power grab to have first party creditors fall under their purview, it is increasingly important to have an agency that understands, communicates to you and can minimize your exposure. Reg F, which will take effect at the end of November 2021, is the biggest change to the Accounts Receivables Management industry since the 70's. 

​Preferred has two past presidents of the Florida Collectors Association still serving on its board as well as serving the American Collectors Association International, the collection industry trade group. This helps to shape policy at the state and local level. For more information, click the FCA  link.