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 Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc., d/b/a The Preferred Group of Tampa is one of Florida’s most successful agencies specializing in revenue recovery  especially in the healthcare market. Founded in 1985, Preferred has grown steadily over the years with no sales personnel and has been selected three times for the Florida 100 which recognizes the top 100 fastest-growing private companies in Florida.

 At Preferred, we created a niche for providing unparalleled representation on sensitive account types no matter whether they are healthcare,  consumer, government or commercial, all while obtaining the highest possible recovery. At Preferred, it’s not what we do as much as how we do it that governs our company’s work ethos. We ensure our team upholds our strict compliance protocols and adheres to our core values, even when nobody is watching. Everyday we believe we can “make a  difference by doing the right thing.” 


  • Privately owned company

  • First Party, third party and special focus "cleanup" projects

  • Over 30 years specializing in healthcare accounts and the special attention they require

  • We collect on consumer, government and commercial debt

  • Bilingual support

  • Active members of ACA International and the Florida Collector’s Association

  • Extreme focus on compliance, LEAN "best practices", while incorporating the most efficient technological solutions our industry has to offer

  • The ability to collect in all 50 states

At Preferred, it is our philosophy and living out of that philosophy that makes our company rather unique in the accounts receivable industry. For healthcare clients, we understand the special requirements of the provider-patient relationship and the impact  that it has on the community. We also understand the nuances of regular consumer and government bad debt collections and why a different texture in our collections protocol is needed that is distinctly different from the protocols that healthcare collections require.


When a patient has a need in which our client is involved, it often overshadows everything else going on in their lives at that time. When a person owes a ticket and can't get their auto registration renewed, that too creates frustration. Our calling protocol is to provide them with quick, efficient, and correct answers and excellent service to effect the most professional recovery of every owed dollar possible to ensure that the work of our client not only continues but also is resourced in a way to continually enhance their own operations- whether that is in healthcare, traffic enforcement, utilities, leasing or HOA management. It is not what we do that matters as much as how we do it. Preferred has developed its unique and proprietary COLLISIO model for collections. Click the link below for more information on COLLISIO.

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