Preferred has a unique partner program to try and cover "specialty needs", especially in the healthcare arena for our clients that may be in need of such services. Whether a hospital is searching for a CFO candidate, a PFS manager or other clinical staff, we can help. If a hospital or physician group needs help with implementing a new system or straightening out an old one, we have a resource for you. 

Our PBPP program is a combination of thoroughly vetted vendors that can meet and exceed your expectations and share the same common core values as our company. Over the years working with a number of consultants and Revenue Cycle Management  RCM) personnel, we have seen the demonstrated need to be able to solve more than just AR issues and increase revenue. Sometimes the very issue creating increased bad debt and slow recovery could be related to personnel, processes or just bad data. 

There may also be a reason to shop for another vendor if you need better service, pricing or just to compare what you have now to see if you are operating as LEAN as you can be. Whether you are comparing your mailing services to merchant services we can offer you options to allow you to make an informed decision.

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