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'Preferred Gives Back' Helps Those in Need

At times like these, it can be easy to focus on yourself and your immediate family and surroundings. In the middle of a global pandemic, making sure that you and your loved ones are safe is the most important priority. Most conversations these days include some form of question like, “You good?” or “everything all right?” It’s natural to make sure you and your families are taken care of first. That so many people have spent so much time and energy on others during this pandemic is inspiring and such a powerful illustration of how truly selfless and inspiring human beings can be.

We here at The Preferred Group of Tampa encourage all of our employees to find causes that are close to their hearts and to dedicate time and effort to help those causes whenever and wherever possible. This program is called, “Preferred Gives Back” and allows employees to donate their time or their money to worthy causes in our own backyard as well as around the world. To help its causes, the company holds weekly events, such as “Casual 4A Cause,” which allows employees to donate in order to dress casually to work.

Some of the causes that are being supported by Preferred Group employees include:

  • Backpacks For Kids. This is a nationwide charity that provides backpacks and school supplies to children in need. The objective is to help kids feel confident as they head into a new school year.

  • Metropolitan Ministries. This charity cares for individuals and families who are homeless. They provide meals and shelter to nearly 20,000 families every year.

  • Compassion International. Through this charity, Preferred Group is sponsoring a pair of children in Ethiopia, a 10-year-old boy named Abenzer and an eight-year-old girl named Meseret.

“We recognize, as a whole, that we are blessed more than 98% of the world in which we live,” said Paulette Kelley, Preferred Group’s Finance Director, who spearheads “Preferred Gives Back.” “For many years our company has been involved with many nonprofit agencies where our employees went and physically worked on a project. That is always a lot of fun and makes for awesome company photos.” The pride that is felt knowing that we are helping people who are truly in need is a reward unto itself. But the “icing on the cake,” as Kelley puts it are the letters that we receive from Meseret and Abenzer, who share what they are able to buy with their money and how they spend their days. “It’s truly been a blessing to give from our pocket,” Kelley said. In December, The Preferred family had the privilege of donating an additional $205 from employees to send to Compassion International to help cover Christmas gifts for additional children. Programs like these are a way to allow employees the chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

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