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What About Collection Agencies?

  1. They are not the enemy: It's in the best interest of the agency to find a way to work with consumers and get the debt paid in the shortest amount of time. Most reputable collection agencies don't get paid, unless they collect.

  2. They work as a third part: Agencies work as a third party to collect for a variety of industries. Typically any business - small or large - that needs to collect unpaid debt, such as doctors, plumbers, property management, hospitals, HVAC, and retail stores.

  3. They do not buy debt: Collection Agencies do not buy debt, so they can't lower your debt, but they can work with you regarding creating a term that works within the confines of the contract with their clients.

  4. The realize things cause late pay: Agencies realize that everyone can have extenuating circumstances that cause this late pay. As the consumer, make sure to work out a plan as that will go against your credit score.

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